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Nadine Lustre Makes Your Heart Race With New Bewitching Looks In Pre-concert Photo Shoot

The beautiful singer Nadine Lustre has flaunted her alluring looks in the latest pre-concert photo shoot. This Filipina singer is going to hold a fascinating concert titled “Absolute Madness.” Just take a look!

Nadine Lustre’s Bewitching Looks In Pre-concert Photo Shoot

Nadine Lustre is a beautiful and talented Filipina actress, single, and music video director. Recently, she has raised heat with the latest pre-concert looks in a riveting black bodysuit.

Nadine Lustre makes your heart race with captivating pre-concept looks.

The studio creators put large mirrors around her. Besides, they use a dimly lit room to take this photoshoot. Also, the dim light of the room didn’t make the model blurred. In contrast, her beautiful curves on the body were bolded by both the outfit and the background light effect.

Nadine Lustre is a beautiful and talented Filipina actress and single.

BJ Pascual took responsibility for photographing and creative directing this photoshoot. It’s also the concept of her upcoming concert – Absolute Madness. In addition, Absolute Madness will be the first online concert that Nadine Lustre holds with her label “Careless Music“.

Poster of Absolutely Madness concert.

She also promoted this upcoming concert by posting the poster with the caption:

Dive deep into your wildest dreams and find that the chaos found deep within is just as beautiful”

The online concert will take place on July 3. Besides, the poster of the concert also used this riveting picture of her on a black background. It created a mysterious and crazy theme for the upcoming event. Therefore, a lot of fans are expecting the concert to bring audiences a ‘sonic and visual experience’ that you have never had before.

Her fans are highly anticipating seeing her performances.

Nadine Lustre will perform all her songs in the successful album “Wildest Dreams” by this singer. This album was the first music product she made in the role of an independent artist. She collaborated with Bret Jackson – the co-founder of Careless Music, and James Reid – the ex-BF of Lustre.

Nadine Lustre has lots of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

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