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“Hooman! We Need To Get Away From You,” Mountain Parrot Moved To Harsher Habitat To Avoid Humans

Global warming or the rising temperatures of the planet is day by day disrupting the current habitats of many species. Recently, the only mountain parrot in the world “decided” to leave for a new “home” at a higher altitude to avoid humans.

The history of being present in different places

Kea is a species of parrot of the superfamily Strigopoidea and considered endangered and rare. They inhabit the alpine zone in New Zealand where the parrot is mischievous, curious and relatively intelligent.

Kea is the only mountain parrot in the world

In fact, researchers found the evidence making them believe that the bird used to be present in different landscapes before moving to the alpine area.

They used to live in different habitats

A study on Molecular Ecology shows the result of the kea’s genetic and DNA analysis which identifies the main reason causing them to flee their then habitats.

Why the kea had to do that?

One simple reason is because of humans. According to scientists, this mountain-dwelling bird adapted to using the open alpine region as they wouldn’t be disturbed by the daily human activities.

They have a colourful underwing

Apparently, the findings do not deny the fact that they are being threatened by the rising global heating.

The intelligent bird chose to live in a harsher habitat with high altitude rather than live with humans

Researchers revealed that they expanded their habitat during the glacial period. However, fortunately, their population still remained stable but on a small scale during the climate changes.

Many people are now expressing their concern over the future of the kea if their current home will also disappear.

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