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Mother of three facing eviction raises over $200,000 of donations

Las Vegas has always been considered a center for gambling where people go in hopes of winning big money and leave with desperation.

Dasha Kelly, a young mother of three, living in Las Vegas, however, “played a game” and it, surprisingly, returned her with great fortune.

She started by creating a GoFundMe account and expressed her wish for her expense assistance. She was later a guest on a CNN segment alongside her 3 daughters, which changed her life with waves of donations finding ways to her account.

The segment looked into the rent moratorium and how to help families with evictions like Kelly’s. They went with Capitol steps, a campaign by Rep. Cori Bush who calls for authorities to work on and pass the moratorium as the Covid-19 was causing a homelessness crisis.

According to CNN, Mrs. Kelly, a woman with her three daughters facing eviction, was now happier than ever with over $200,000 going into her account thanks to donations after being live on TV.

“My name’s Dasha Kelly and I live with 3 children in Nevada. We were doing just fine before the Covid-19 hit. Now we are facing difficulties. EBT for food and applying for Chap, we all did. However, they are not immediate.” She shared on GoFundMe.

Not having enough money to pay the rent while the current moratorium that supports evicting tenants would soon expire, Kelly did not know how to handle the situation until featuring on CNN and created a GoFundMe account.

Kelly began with a goal of $2,000 but over 3,100 donors joined hands to help her exceed the $200,000 mark.

CNN brought Kelly live on Monday and on Tuesday, she couldn’t help crying:” I would like to thank everybody so much. I am still in denial”.

See, Las Vegas dream comes true in the most unexpected way!

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