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Mother of 4 left job because she now can earn 1,000 USD weekly from garbage

Tiffany She’ree, 32, left her job in a cafe after realizing that she could earn 1,000 USD every week by ransacking garbage bins.

To She’ree, a women from Dallas, Texas, who has 4 kids and 2 millions followers on TikTok, “swimming” in garbage has become her number one goal for the next few years.

“I have never heard about it or thought about this job until accidentally bumping into a video about a girl. Looking at what she found from garbage bins, I knew I should try,” the 32-year-old women shared.

Credit: NYpost

In early 2017, she tried her hand at it and right on the first day, she found skincare products and accessories which were worth 1,200 USD. Getting fascinated, her husband Daniel Roach, 38, joined her in his spare time. They not only had enough money to pay for the bills but also newly equipped their house with the wasted found in the garbage bins.

“About 75% of the furniture inside the house is collected, from sofas, dining table, bed covers, to decors, and more,” she said.

She’ree shares on social media her working days. She often searched for stuff from garbage bins outside shops such as Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Party City, Burlington, and Michael’s. In these places, she has picked up many things that had broken labels or returned products. Most recently, she got a 750-USD coffee machine and an unboxed beauty care that is worth thousands of USD.

By doing this job, on average, she earned between 800-1,000 USD weekly. More than one year ago, in 2020, She’ree left her job at a cafe to pursue this full-time job because she realized this job earned her much more money. Last year, her income from garbage collecting allowed her to afford her family a trip to the beach and a saving of 3,000 USD. This year, the mother of 4 believes she can ear more.

Credit: NYpost

Although She’ree only brings home stuff people have left, many scorn her, calling her “crap” or “thief”. The mother of 4 replied by saying that if she did not take them, they would also goes to the landfills.

Worldwide, 2,01 billion tons of wastes is created annually with at least 1.3 billion tons has not been filled. Many support the work of collecting garbage, reasoning that this helps reduce wastes and brings positive effects on the planet. “I am happy because I am reducing wastes and doing my best to make the environment better to keep the planet clean,” She’ree said.

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