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Mother of 3 has no kids match her DNA

Though giving birth to all three of her kids, and the DNA test proves her boyfriend was also their biological father, the test tells otherwise about Lydia Fairchild.

Lydia Fairchild, an American woman, would have been forever taken her right for being the mother of her children without the advance of modern research and technology in Medical.

The story started back in 2002 when Lydia was being a mother of two and expecting the third when life turned sour for her as her boyfriend just left and she alone was unemployed. She decided to apply for government assistance for the kids. What happened next had been a very long and exhausting journey for her to be able to earn this policy.

To get the government aid, Lydia and her ex had to have DNA results that show they were the biological mother and father of their 3 kids. And, this is where the trouble came in the way. When the results came, the test proved her ex was the father of her children. Nevertheless, hers said otherwise: Her DNA and her children do not match.

Lydia was then even called for an investigation into whether she was a criminal kidnapping her kids. Though insisting on giving birth to them all, the only thing going against her was the DNA test which was considered one of the most powerful proofs.

Lydia’s journey to justice

Coming home, devastated, Lydia looked for all of the photos of her pregnancies and birth certificates of her kids to prepared for the suit. However, this once more did not avail and the government assistance was not granted.

She did not give up and keep taking other DNA tests but none supported her.

Till one day…

Justice for Lydia

Attorney Alan Tindell used to witness a patient who fell into the same situation as Lydia. It was Karen Keegan. When Keegan needed an operation and asked for blood donation from her relatives, none of her children matched her DNA.

The doctor then looked into her case. They took DNA swabs from different parts of Keegan’s body and found out most of the samples did not match but the one from a thyroid nodule could prove she’s the biological mother of her kids.

This is because of “chimerism”. Why? It’s because when she was still in the uterus, Keegan shared the uterus with another egg. The two eggs merged and one’s DNA remained in another. That “exchanged” DNA might have been passed on to her children.

Attorney Alan Tindell decided to help Lydia. He reported Lydia Fairchild’s chimerism and the Washington court agreed to delay the judgment.
As expected, her third child did not match her DNA either and the court confirmed her chimerism and granted the government assistance.

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