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Morning sluggishness even after 8 hours of sleep: Here’re Doctor’s explanation and solution

8 hours of night sleep and still wake up tired? You are not alone. People all around the world have been complaining about it even when they had noon naps the day before. How strange! What’s the matter?

If you are like many out there looking for an answer, look no more as Dr. Oyie Balburias just delivered his explanation for it in a “Pinoy MD” episode. Dr. Oyie described the condition as “Morning sluggishness” which is the feeling of lagging and stalling in the morning after you wake up.

Credit: Sammy Williams | Unsplash
Credit: Sammy Williams | Unsplash

The doctor later added that it is quality that matters as well when it comes to sleep. Many, however, just count quantity and forget the quality of sleep.

Dr. Oyie spoke of Morning sluggishness: “Probably, one of the reasons is the quality of sleep. Sometimes we fall into sleep, but we do not reach our state of sleep, so, basically, we got no “recuperating sleep”. For that reason, we feel sluggish or tired after waking up in the morning.”

Credit: Loen Biss | Unsplash
Credit: Loen Biss | Unsplash

The doctor stressed the importance of discovering the underlying causes behind Morning sluggishness. To do this, one should find out what prevents him from getting into the fully resting state of sleep, which might be obstructive sleep apnea or sleep disorder breathing.

Aside from that, sleep quality can be a product of medication, stress, artificial light, and caffeine we had before bed.

According to WebMD, before bedtime, one should have got rid of any digital gadgets for 15-30 minutes as light from these gets through the retina to reach the hypothalamus, which causes melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, to stall.

To solve your sleeping problems, you should seek a sleep specialist who defines the core of your problems and give advice on how you should change your daily habit.

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