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Meet Alejandro Davian The Unico Hijo by the very beautiful and wonderful actress Denise Laurel

One of today’s proud moms to her son is celebrity mom Denise Laurel. Hijo Alejnadro Davian is ten years old this year. Denise called Alejandro “Bukie”, and when the child was young, she called him her “little warrior”.

According to Denise, the reason she called Bukie the little warrior was that she found out she was four months pregnant in the womb and the “first trimester” she had no experience in prenatal care.

On Denise’s Instagram account, she shares how proud she is of her hijo unico.
“This guy is so good! So proud of this guy! He is a leader and a complete professional! ”, Denise promises in her post including a photo of her son Alejandro, and people will notice that he is even taller than her.

Denise’s separate post can even be seen sharing that she can’t believe her son has grown up so quickly and indeed how quickly time has passed.
The actress also said that she is very grateful to God for giving her life to have a son, Bukie.

“I can’t believe it!”. “God is truly Amazing! Like i tell u every night bubbs u are The best gift God has ever blessed me with to treasure and take care of! I can’t thank Him enough! “Life goes by in a blink of an eye.. imma keep doing my best to not miss a thing! I love u and I’m proud of you! You are the light!

Meanwhile, Denise describes her son, Alejandro as an enthusiast of superhero books and toys. The two are extremely close to each other.

Denise’s unico hijo Alejandro has its own YouTube channel and it’s called “Bukie Channel”.




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