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Mark Zuckerberg spotted walking with unknown woman on the shore

CEO and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was spotted walking alongside an unknown woman in his resort in Hawaii.

In the photo was taken and uploaded by Mega, Mark Zuckerberg is walking along the shore with a woman in Kauai beach. The 37-year-old CEO and founder of Facebook is wearing simple outfits with black swim shorts, Adidas sandals, a familiar grey hoodie, and sun glasses.

Zuckerberg is enjoying his long vacation in Hawaii. Before that, he was spotted surfing the eFoil electronic board that is worth 12,000 USD. This is his favorite sport every time he goes on holiday.

In Kauai, the Facebook CEO owns a 6,000 meter square piece of land that’s worth more than 100 million USD and it is still expanding. That Mark Zuckerberg keeps buying land here makes people believe that he is trying to colonize this island.

Zuckerberg has attracted the attention in Kauai since July 2020 when he appeared with an expensive board and over-white face for putting on so much sun cream. Earlier this year, he explained he did that to avoid paparazzi to no avail. In late July this year, he was, once again, spotted surfing wearing a shark-repellant band.

In photos uploaded by TMZ, Mark Zuckerberg’s band is designed and produced by Sharkbanz. Sharkbanz’s spokesman later affirmed the device Mark Zuckerberg’s wearing in the published photos is model Sharkbanz 2.

According to Sharkbanz’s announcement, its bands can keep sharks away by emitting certain frequencies that allow access to the electromagnetic sensing ability of sharks when looking for prey, which prevents sharks from approaching humans. This is a common device used by professional athletes including the 1988 wave surfing world champion Barton Lynch. Last year, former President of America Barack Obama also wore one Sharkbanz band.

Aside from shark repellant bands, Mark Zuckerberg also used hydrofoil surfboard with zebra patterns to avoid shark attacks (Black and white patterns confuse the predator and cause him trouble in identifying preys).

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