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Man under house arrest asks police to jail him because living with wife is hell

An Italian man who is being under house arrest has asked the police to put him behind bars as life at home with his wife is “like hell” and “unbearable”.

AFP quoted the announcement of police of Tivoli, Lazio, Italy which was issued on October 24, stating that a 30-year-old Albanian man living in Guidonia Montecelio, Lazio came to the police station and demanded an arrest on him.

Credit: Tom Pumford | Unsplash
Credit: Tom Pumford | Unsplash

The man who is currently under house arrest explained that he “can’t bear living with his wife anymore.”

“Too tired of this situation, the man decided to run away from home, attended at the police station, and asked to serve his time in prison,” the announcement writes.

The representative of the Police of Tivoli, Mr. Francesco Giacomo Ferrante said to AFP that the man had been under house arrest for his charges over drugs for the past few months and having to serve this verdict for a couple of years.

“This man is living with his wife and family. His life isn’t easy. He said that “My life turns hell. I can’t bear it anymore. Put me to jail please,” Mr. Ferrante revealed.

Credit: Vni Vinay | Unsplash
Credit: Vni Vinay | Unsplash

According to AFP, the man mentioned above was arrested simultaneously for breaching the regulation of under-house-arrest and the judiciary had sent him to prison.

Another funny incident happened in China as a former-criminal got back to the police station where he used to be jailed to sleep because he was missing his “bros” behind bars. After a night party, a Chinese man became too drunk that he decided to arrive at the police station to sleep over. For this act, he, then, received a 3-month sentence. Now he can see his “bros” everyday.

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