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LJ Reyes said she found ‘another Paolo’ who broke them away

Although LJ Reyes tried to grasp their relationship, Paolo refused it and let it collapse. Talking about this nightmare, LJ Reyes said she discovered ‘another Paolo who made them split.

‘Another Paolo’ broke them away

Talking about the reason for their split, LJ Reyes mentioned Paolo’s inexplicable changes in his attitude toward her. After a long interview, she still keeps many secrets about their split and refused to answer many questions for some reason. The actress also talked about the need to take her children to her mother’s home in New York so that they can get out of that “situation”.

LJ Reyes mentioned Paolo’s inexplicable changes.

At the end of the interview, she was asked whether money was one of those causes, she kept silent for a while. Reyes didn’t answer straightly to the question but the mother of two kids said her priority then was the children’s welfare. She is bringing up two children, 11-year-old Aki with her previous husband and 2-year-old Summer with Paolo.

Being asked about the third party in their relationship, she also refused to give a straight answer. Some friends and concerned people told her about their sightings or events Paolo was involved in. But when she asked him about it, he denied it in many ways. However, that woman-in-love could still feel something’s off.

LJ Reyes’s priority then was the children’s welfare. 

Moreover, Reyes claimed that she discovered “another Paolo” who made them split away. She said the Paolo she had been living with and the one she had met six years ago were not the same.

When Paolo flirted with her, she told him the things she didn’t like about him. He also showed her how hard he was trying to change. That’s why Reyes gave him a chance. He treated Reyes, her kids, and her family well. But that man had gone. Another side of him made her confused and she couldn’t distinguish the man she loves from the revelation and information others gave her.

She will take care of her children in New York and rebuild herself.

That split nearly beats her but she is trying to step out of it to rebuild herself. She will stay in New York with her family and take care of her children.

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