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Maja Salvador, Denise Laurel, and leading women in romance with Cardo on screen

Cardo Dalisay in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, played by Coco Martin, is an ideal man for every girl. He is a handsome, brave, and staunch policeman.

Leading women in romance with Cardo on screen

Here are the top leading girls who are in a romance with this character in this action drama television series. Their romantic scenes have made the audience’s imagination fly.

  • Maja Salvador is one of the first ladies in romance with this handsome policeman in this TV series. She was in love with him secretly but Glen couldn’t confess it because she had to come back to her hometown and take care of her mom.

  • Bela Padilla in the role of Carmen. They had some sweet moments on the screen when he had to pretend to be her deceased husband – Ador as a part of his mission. Ador is also Cardo’s twin brother.

  • Anne Curtis played the role of the fashion designer Trina. She and Cardo showed chemistry when Cardo was assigned to become the bodyguard of this designer. Cardo also had to pretend to be her boyfriend to protect her.

  • Sam Pinto played the role of Sam who nearly broke Cardo and his GF away. She took advantage of Cardo’s need to infiltrate Romano’s syndicate. Romano, her boyfriend, then discovered her betrayal and made her disappear.

  • Yam Concepcion played the role of Lena – Pulang Araw leader Romulo’s daughter. She is a single mom who had special feelings for Cardo when he was away from his wife.

  • Denise Laurel played the role of Police Major Alessandra Romero who is the new boss of Cardo. She also fell in romance with him and can’t stop herself from flirting with him although she knows that he was married. She also competed with his wife in cooking his favorite dishes to surprise him every day.

Besides, Cardo also showed romance with many women during his missions in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, such as Andy (Jessy Mendiola), Regine (Angeline Quinto), Marie (Sue Ramirez), etc.

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