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Kylie Padilla Writes A Touching Poem For Her Father Robin’s Birthday

Kylie Padilla sent a touching tribute for her father Robin’s birthday on Instagram.

Kylie Padilla wrote a poem for her father Robin’s birthday.


Kylie expressed her gratitude for having Robin as her guide throughout her life by sharing a photo of them hugging fiercely with Robin’s back to the camera.

The 24-line poem went like this:

Writing about you, I would have to do with the most expensive kind of ink

Irreplaceable, you knew me when I could not yet even think

And you taught me to give life’s battle a good effing fight

And I fight with all the strength I have

I know you in ways even I don’t understand, yet

It’s in the way we go quiet when we are sad, it’s loud

It’s in the way that we don’t speak, but we feel it

And the way I try to find you in people that I seek

It’s how I find comfort in just one touch

In an embrace I waited so long to grasp

For a moment I felt like I lost something

A something, a thing that only you could bring and it would be enough

Wounds have their own way of healing

And time is where it finds it’s truest meaning

In all the things I cannot say

All the games I no longer want to play

It’s the return to a girl I needed to face

I don’t want any precious memories to go to waste

So with this ink, I rewrite the story

One where I am thankful and I am sorry

I think it’s what you call maturity

Or maybe only now I understand how your prayers protected me

Love is a beautiful thing once it sets you free

So today I would just like to thank you for being a father to me.




Aside from the nice message, Kylie will be sharing a YouTube vlog on Friday including a previously unseen chat.

Kylie was teary-eyed in the 48-second teaser as she recounted some of the realizations and lessons she learnt from Robin and her mother Liezl Sicangco’s parenting.

She said:

“Nakita ko na kailangan talaga bigyan ng time yung mga magulang, parents, and bigyan ng importance yung family mo before. Kailangan kong ayusin yung tayo para maayos ko rin yung [akin].

You trained me really well. I love the way you parented us. I love you, Pa. Thank you.”

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The two spent time together earlier this month and posed for some adorable father-and-daughter photographs.

Robin, have a wonderful birthday!

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