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Kodie Macayan of the Philippines, won the title of Mr. Gay World 2021

The 31-year-old Philippine delegate Leonardo “Kodie” Macayan was introduced as Mr. Gay World 2020 at the virtual coronation taking place at dawn on October 17 this Sunday.

The virtual coronation was tracked on Mr.’s YouTube channel. World Gay Organization.

Macayan def.eated eight candidates from different countries.

Kodie’s win brought back-to-back wins in the Philippines as he succeeded Janjep Carlos, Mr. Theme about Gay World 2019.

Kodie is the third Filipino to win as Mr. Gay world; John Raspado was the first to take home the title in May 2017.

John was the grand champion of It’s Showtime’s “I Am Pogay” contest that Kodie also competed in back then.

Besides Mr. The Gay World 2020 title, Kodie is the winner of the Best National Costume contest and the Personal Interview Award.

Part of Kodie’s pre-recorded acceptance speech: “What a blessing. Congratulations Philippines, we made it! I feel so overwhelmed with love, expressing so much gratitude right now.

“Thank you very much to Mr. Eric Butter and the rest of Mr. The World Organization for Gays and the wonderful and good judges who have chosen me to be Mr. Gay world 2020.

“I feel so grateful and will forever be grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be Mr. Gay world.

“I can’t wait to work with this beautiful organization to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ around the world.”

Marek Piekarczyk of Poland was the 1st runner-up, and Vicente Miron of Mexico was the 2nd runner-up in the first virtual version of Mr. Gay World due to the coronavirus pandemic.



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