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“Absolutely Amazing”: Kind Samaritan Pays R1000 to Help Cover Stranger’s Groceries

Once again, the generosity of South Africans has made headlines again via a story shared on Facebook by Kutty Chabangu. The woman shared that her sister went shopping and had some problems with her bank cards.

An unexpected turn happened, though.

A good man came to the rescue

She said that the issues began when her sister reached the reception to pay for her groceries. Upon finding out her card had issues, she tried to make phone calls to fix the problem.

And a good Samaritan came up and offered to pay her bills. She told the man that it was not just R100. However, the man insisted on paying for her.

The Facebook story went viral.

In detail, Kutty Chabangu wrote on Facebook,

 “My sister asked me to post on her behalf. Today around 2pm after work she went to do groceries at Pick n Pay River Crescent in Witbank. When she arrived at the till both her cards gave her a problem. When she was about to make a call about the cards the cashier alerted her of someone talking behind her.

“When she turned there was a gentleman and he said he’d pay for the groceries. My sister got shocked and asked the guy if he can see if it’s R1 000, not R100. The gentleman said ‘I will pay for it.’ My sister was so shocked and she couldn’t believe it.”

How people reacted

Internet users have shared their thoughts on this.

@Precious Mbali said: “What an inspirational story, thank you for sharing. We ARE good people fellow South Africans, don’t allow politicians to cause disunity.”

The anonymous man earns praise from the netizens (illustrative image).

@Pules Bopape said: “Absolutely amazing Welhem. God bless you.”

@Carin Smit said: “Thank you gentleman for proving that we can make this a wonderful country for all, by just being kind!!!”

@Ave Jordan said: “God bless this gentleman! We need more men like him in South Africa!”

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