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Jose Sarasola admits b.reaking up with Maria Ozawa: “It’s just LDR’s difficulty”.

Jose Sarasola and Maria Ozawa b.roke up.

The Kapuso actor and chef himself admitted this in an interview on the morning of Thursday, January 13, 2022.

According to Jose, this was a “joint decision” as they could no longer afford a long-distance relationship (LDR).

Jose admitted: “Honestly, we b.roke up. It was difficult, it was really difficult.”

“LDR is difficult. We never expected this. We t.ried.”

Maria left the Philippines at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and returned to her home country of Japan.

Jose stayed here in the Philippines.

According to Jose, like most, they think COVID will be defeated quickly and everything will return to normal. But they didn’t think it would last until now.

Jose Sarasola, Maria Ozawa breakup

Since Maria is a Japanese citizen, she must also follow the travel guidelines enforced by the Philippines.

“She left knowing that maybe in three months it could be gone, we didn’t think it had become a global pandemic,” Jose said.

“So far, she hasn’t come back. She’s really having a hard time with the regulations on foreigners coming in.”

“But we tried, we still keep in touch every day, we call each other, update each other.”

“But as time went on, it only took a heavy toll on both of us, e. We both struggled.”

“It’s hard to stay in a relationship, it’s like it’s hard when your partner isn’t here.”

Jose and Maria have been in a relationship for 5 years this coming February.

But by December 2021, they decided to end their relationship.

Jose’s story, “So last December we had a talk. We have agreed to part ways.”

“But we don’t have a quarrel or a third party. There’s really no controversy at all.”

“Our only difficulty was LDR. We didn’t expect it to be this hard.”

The only good thing about Jose and Maria’s breakup is that their friendship remains.

“But the beauty is there, we are still friends. And we’re okay,” Jose said.

They said that they had agreed that it would be better for each other to just break up.

Maria is busy with her bar business in Tokyo as well as her YouTube channel.

So does Jose in his racket business and restaurant business.

He also said that they rarely talked and spent time together over the past year.

Jose said, “We both agree that it’s best for us right now for both of us to go our separate ways.”

Jose Sarasola, Iya Villania show

Jose is currently busy with Iya Villania’s Eat Well, Live Well, Stay Well cooking show sponsored by a Japanese multinational food and biotechnology corporation.

The first episode of their Season 3 began airing last Friday, January 7.

Jose is also grateful that a large appliance company trusted him to be the endorser of their products.

Meanwhile, upon arriving at his Avenue 75 Sportsbar restaurant in BF Homes, Parañaque, Jose was a bit upset by the launch of the new variant of the COVID-19 Omicron.

His business suffered due to many government restrictions on the movement of people.

He promised, “We recover a little bit in September, October, November, December, we recover a bit anyway.”

“But now, this January, when Omicron starts, rises again, it weakens a little bit.”

“We are a bit weak because perhaps people are afraid to go out and have a little drink in places. But I assure guests that all of my staff are vaccinated and re-vaccinated.”

“Plus, they always adhere to proper hygiene throughout the bar.”

They said they are currently only recovering from food deliveries.



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