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Jodi Sta. Maria encourages Sue Ramirez to seriously hit her in the head for the important The Broken Marriage Vow scene

Sue Ramirez shared about her experience when having to slap Jodi Sta. Maria in the head.
The actress almost dropped the highly-praised act of hitting Jodi in a scene in the Broken Marriage Vow.

In an media conference on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, the The Broken Marriage Vow actress shared that it’s a difficult moment for her to act as she had to hit Jodi’s head and she, indeed, felt uncomfortable having to do it.

Sue recalled, “The amount of pressure on me. Against really? It’s shocking! ”

Sue then gave credit to Jodi as saying that Jodi encouraged her to slap her: “I was really hesitant to do it. I wanted to jerk. That’s why maybe Ate Jodi and I will just act.

“Well, but she told me, ‘Sue, do it. You really do. I’m fine.’

“I was really scared. Ate Jodi’s head is so small! He’s a munggo. Little mistake, that’s head!

“It’s forbidden to massage your opponent ‘and then I’ll fight back.”

The scene

First, let’s talk about The Broken Marriage Vow. It is an adaptation of BBC series Doctor Foster. It is set by ABS-CBN to air soon this month.

Sue Ramirez will take the role of Lexy Lucero, who is involved in an affair with David Ilustre, the husband of Dr. Jill Ilustre played by Jodi Sta. Maria.

The hitting scene mentioned above is preserved in all versions of Doctor Foster, so it is considered an unremovable scene of the series.

How is the confrontation ignited? It’s when Jill Ilustre disclosed to Lexy’s parents that Lexy is in a relationship with a married man, David Ilustre, and that she got their baby aborted in the United States.

Lexy totally blows it when hearing what Jill is saying to her parents and vents out by hitting Jill’s head.

Speaking of the scene, Sue said, “I had to do it because it was done in all versions of

Doctor Foster, so that scene was amazing. It is crucial.”

“We got it in one take. It’s really against that. There was a lot of slowing down but we really had to stick together so that Ate Jodi’s head would fall nicely as well. ”

The Broken Marriage Vow is set to appear on screens on January 24, 2020 on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. You can also watch the movie on A2Z Channel 11, TV5, Kapamilya Live, and Kapamilya Channel.

Photos: Screenshot from ABS-CBN

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