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Jinkee Pacquiao has these 7 simple neutral outfits for you to try out!

The neutral outfit has come a long way to now be one of the most favorite fashion trends recently as more and more influencers are taking up this styling option every time they’re down the streets or important events.

Lately, Jinkee Pacquiao has been a new face who promotes this trend for free as, in fact, she loves neutral colors. Just have a look at those outfits below, you’ll see!

1. Light beige tank top, Sports shorts, and white sneakers

During her trip to Los Angeles in the summer, Jinkee Pacquiao’s social media handle was blashed with posts of her daily life here that featured her neutral outfits. Most of them bring an easy feel to the eyes. This one is an example.

2. Nude-colored outfit

The call of nature never disappoints and when it comes with a snapback, it makes sure you spot-on.

3. White simple and comfortable T-Shirt and shorts

You don’t want to go shopping without an feeling of comfort to its best, so this simple combo came to be Jinkee’s choice as she got ready to bring home more stuff to her closet. She made sure to bring along a Mini Dior Book Tote bag and a Louis Vuitton Bucket hat.

4. All white tank top + casual pants

Another all white outfit. However, this time, it is a white tank top that matches her athleisure pants. Manny Pacquiao’s wife did not forget to get her Hermès Oran sandals and Louis Vuitton bag by her side too.

5. White T-shirt and a Fendi pencil skirt

Going to the beach with charm? Then, go for this combo, and don’t forget to bring along Hermès Oran sandals and a Louis Vuitton cap like Jinkee’s case.

6. Black version of the above: All black tank top + casual pants

Lots of girls love black because it makes you look slim. Wonder if Jinkee has that in mind?

7. White fitted tee, loose monogram pants, and black sandals

This one really outstands anyone nearby, especially on such a hot celebrity!

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