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Jimin (BTS): The top of the August idol brand

Once again Jimin – a member of the BTS group continues to become the top of the August idol brand rankings. According to the results announced by the Korean Business Reputation Institute, male idol Jimin (BTS) is the one who holds the top position of this August chart. With a vote score of 6,055,559, Jimin continued to surpass many other famous names to top the idol brand value rankings for the past 8 months.

In addition to Jimin, the Top 10 list of idol brand value in August also appeared many famous names such as Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO), Dragon (Big Bang), Heechul (Super Junior), Junho (2PM) and others. The remaining members of the BTS group, Jin, V, Jungkook, SUGA, and RM also occupied other positions on the chart.

According to market experts, the reason why Jimin (BTS) continuously won high votes is because of the male artists charisma not only in the Korean market but also in the world. With a “clean” lifestyle, saying no to scandal helps the young male singer score points in the eyes of fans as well as big brands. Not to mention the recent time, Jimin and BTS members have had many exciting activities in the international music market, notably the song “Permission to Dance” which is very popular with listeners. The MV quickly reached 269 million views, 13 million likes and thousands of comments on the YouTube channel. “Permission to Dance” also won an impressive series of achievements on prestigious charts such as iTunes, Billboard, MusicChart…

Besides, Jimin also revealed more about his intention to release a new solo song. Although specific information has not been announced, the A.R.M.Y community (BTS’s fandom) expressed their excitement and continued to support and share information on social networking sites.



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