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Inspiration from influencers: 7 outfits for girls who want to be cute and versatile in the summer

It’s always fun to play with summer fashion. Many just wait for the summer to come so that they can be creative and showy with their outfit as this season is a great source of inspiration to get spotted on. The coolest thing about summer is that we can come up with countless ideas of mixing clothes together and still being lit.

Are you looking for some ideas to steal the spotlight in summer fashion? If yes, below are some of the best ways to dress with neutral tops.

1. Cropped long-sleeve shirt and black trousers

Are you looking for a casual but not so casual meeting with your friends? This combo comes into play to get your talk more open and interesting.

2. Dark grey shirt and light grey high-waisted pants

It puts your comfortability at first and then transforms you with its versatile, semi-casual look.

3. White long-sleeve shirt, cashmere vest, and black trousers

With some cool wind on your date, this combo will come out as the best outfit to charm your lover or friends. This combo fits extremely well with boots. Try it!

4. White oversized shirt and ripped jeans

Come back with your high school vibes with this simple outfit. Now you can turn into your teen version and be playful with your day. Your oversized shirt and ripped light-blue jeans will come so perfectly with young and vibrant sneakers.

5. Nude silk satin tank top and beige high-waisted pants

The fewer colors the easier to mix your clothes. Monochrome won’t fail you, especially this light brown outfit! Try it on!

6. Beige Tank top and jeans cargo pants

Being so energetic with this combo and you can head out of the house with utmost confidence. Remember to put on your most beloved sneakers to add to the beauty.

7. Black shirt and skirt

Why not try on some black element? This combo is all black the color that helps you look thinner thanks to its effect on human vision.

The outfit is for every girl who wants to look cute and energetic at the same time.

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