Indonesia Claims To Get Pregnant With A Gust Of Wind

The single woman claims that she gets pregnant just when a wind gust in their village and give birth to a baby just a few hours later.


Recently, an odd story of a young woman in Indonesia giving birth immediately after knowing she was pregnant has taken the internet by storm. The single woman claims that she gets pregnant just when wind gust in their village. Keep scrolling down for more details about the story.

Siti Zainah is a 25-year-old woman living in a small village in West Java, Indonesia. A gust of wind blew over her location when the woman was lying on her bed. According to the woman, she suddenly felt like the wind entered her body and something was changing inside. She started to feel intense pain in the stomach that her sister had to take her to see the doctor.

After a quick check, the doctor stated that she was pregnant and was about to give birth soon in a few more hours. The news took both Siti and her family by surprise as the girl had never shown any sign of pregnancy. Siti, therefore, believes that it is the gust of wind that made her pregnant.

“My stomach ballooned, then it shrank back to normal. Then it grew again,” the woman described moments before she gave birth to her unexpected son. At the moment, the mother and her son are resting in their own home.

While having a baby with a gust of wind seems impossible, the fact that the woman gave birth immediately without 9 months of pregnancy also took everyone by storm. The special story of Siti started to go viral not only in Indonesia but around the world. In addition to that, her house also welcomes many neighbors and villagers who are curious about the odd story. They believe that the baby descents from the above and is blessed by God. It could be a sign of fortune for the whole village.

In terms of science, doctor Eman Sulaeman, the Head of Cidaun Health Center states that it is impossible to be pregnant by wind just. However, there is a chance that Siti was pregnant with her boyfriend months ago but completely unaware of it. There are cases that the mother’s body does not show any sign of pregnancy and her belly just grows a bit. The rare syndrome called cryptic pregnancy seems to be the best explanation in this case.



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