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Indian Girl Called The Police For Help To Cancel An Arranged Marriage

The Indian woman in this story had to call the police when her parents forced her to marry a man they assigned. She asked the police for help to cancel that unexpected wedding.

Indian Girl Called The Police For Canceling Wedding

In mid-July, an Indian bride canceled her wedding right before it takes place in a resort near Ramtek city, Maharashtra. In specific, this bride had to call the police and told them that her parents forced her to marry a man she didn’t love. She called them for help to cancel that wedding.

This woman is in love with another man. But her parents arranged a wedding for her and another man. Groom’s parents and relatives got angry and raised a conflict. The inspector Pramod Makeshwar and many policemen in Ramtek rushed to the location of the wedding party to escorts two families to the police station.

After a mediation at the police station, both bride’s and groom’s families agreed to cancel the wedding. Talking to The Times of India, a police officer said the bride had told her parents that she wouldn’t marry the man they assigned.

In this country, match-making marriage is very popular. But it’s not the only incident when brides and grooms cancel the wedding at the last minute. For example, another bride in Auraiya, India also refused to marry a matched man when realizing that he got weak eyesight.

Arranged marriages are popular in India

Bride’s family members required that man to take an eyesight check by reading a newspaper without glasses. But the man couldn’t pass the challenge. Her family agreed with her in canceling the wedding and asked the groom’s family to refund their dowry, including a motorbike and some extra fees.

However, the groom’s family refused to refund them. Then, the bride’s family reported them to the police. However, local policemen couldn’t manage to mediate them.

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