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India: People wrestle with each other during the annual cow dung festival

According to religion, it is believed that this is an activity that is both enjoyable and beneficial to human health.

Many people from all over India still flock to Gumatapura village every year to attend the cow dung throwing festival, believing it is both fun and beneficial for health.

“If there is a disease, we will be cured,” said Mahesh, a local resident of the cow dung festival.

Cow dung in a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion is so special, even prized, that companies use it as an ingredient in beauty, arts, and crafts products. , and even cosmetics, …

So, throwing cow dung at people is no longer an annoyance for hundreds of Gorehabba participants.

The day of the cow dung battle begins with the collection of “Cow Manure” from cow-owning houses in the village of Gumatapura, located on the border between the two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The manure is loaded onto a tractor richly decorated with marigold flowers and delivered to a local temple, where priests perform a blessing ceremony.

After that, the “lucky cow dung” will be delivered to a vacant lot in the village of Gumatapura, and the “warriors” ready to go topless rush there to prepare for the match.

This was a fierce battle, with shards of excrement flying everywhere.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, also a Hindu, has promoted the protection of these animals.

Many states in India have long banned the s.la.ug.ht.er of cows for meat.



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