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Don’t Want Your Ex To See You On Tinder? Blocking Feature Is Now Available!

Tinder has eventually added the feature of blocking contacts with phone numbers. This means that if you do not want this specific person to see you on the dating app, you can permanently block them from doing so.

This ability comes in handy when you are not in the mood to be teased by a friend or any acquaintance who crosses your profile.

How to block specific contacts on Tinder

So how to avoid being seen by someone on Tinder? Here’s how.

Things to know about Tinder’s Blocking feature

These are what you should take note of before learning how to block them.

  • Block contacts are not notified about you blocking them.
  • You may block anybody from the contact, and they may have or have not used Tinder.
  • Blocking contacts does not affect the existing matches or messages you have.
  • If the contact information you use to block somebody does not match what they provide on their profile at the signup step, Tinder cannot block that contact.
Things to remember before blocking someone.

How does the Block feature work on Tinder

If a user wants to use the Blocked contact feature, the app will use their contact list and hand them the option to choose all contacts they aspire to avoid seeing.

Tinder also claims that they just keep the details like contact number, name, email ID, and more of the blocked contacts.

You can manually choose to block a person.

Moreover, the dating app will let you choose to add contacts manually in case you don’t want to share contacts with the application.

How to block a person on Tinder

Here’s how to avoid being seen by someone on Tinder:

  • 1. Open the app and hit the profile icon
  • 2. Reach Settings, navigate the Blocked Contacts
  • 3. Grant it permission to access your contact list
  • 4. Choose people you aspire to avoid under the Contacts tab
  • 5. Choose the Block Contacts option
Choose the numbers.

About how to manually add a contact and block them on the app, follow these steps:

  • Open Tinder, tap the Profile button and go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to select Block Contacts, then hit the + icon at the top of your screen
  • Type in the person’s contact and hit Done.

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