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How this New York woman lives the cheapest life is causing anger

Despite earning so much from her job, Kate Hashimoto often ransacks the garage sites for food and old stuff. She has never paid money for toothpaste or toilet paper.

Kate Hashimoto, a Japanese working in New York, is working for a word-class audit firm and earning an average of 119,000 USD yearly – almost double the average income of an American. However, Hashimoto chooses to live a super simple and inexpensive life.

According to statistics, the average spending budget in New York is between 2,000 and 2,500 USD a month if you share rental, have no means of entertainment and have no saving plans. If you want to live confortably in this costly city, you have to have an ideal income of about 50,000 USD a year.


However, for the past many years, Kate Hashimoto has been living with only over 200 USD a month.

“My rule is what’s not neccessary is what’s not worth paying for. If have to, think about how to spend as little as possible,” Kate Hashimoto shared with TV show “Extreme Cheapskates”.

To save up, Hashimoto does not use toilet paper or buy new clothes. Her underwears have been used for 14 years while her shirt is of 10 years in use.

Her shorts are now loosening up and she has to use clippers everytime putting it on. Kate Hashimoto has her new haircut all by herself. She washes her clothes when having a bath to save water. When the fare for commute increased, she decided to walk to work. To save up even more, she joined free workshops and experiments of new vaccines or medicines for free.




Everything in her house is picked up from garbage trucks across the city. Her bed is made up of 2 yoga carpets. Meanwhile, her dining table is piles of old magazines.

Hashimoto never pays for other necessities such as toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, washing fluid, toilet paper, soap, etc. The reason is manufacturers of these products often sends prototypes to customers and she will register for trial.

Kate Hashimoto doesn’t even throw away paper towels. Many frown upon her behavior but she doesn’t care and answer, “Why should we spend money on things that will disappear?”

What’s more, Hashimoto disclosed that 3 times a week, she goes to Upper West Side, an area of the Manhattan affluent to ransack the high-end restaurant’s garbages, collecting food and bring it home.

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