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How the 19-cm-tall drawf who married 1.7-m-tall wife is doing? The story of an inspirational life and love story!

Li Shuangli (born 1986) comes from Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China, is a businessman, speaker, and author famous for his body and life.

When he was born, Li was like everybody else. However, when he was 3 years old, the time seemed to stop for him as he couldn’t grow up anymore. The doctor diagnosed him with the drawf symptoms. Since then, he carries a body of a 3 year old kid with a height of 90cm for the rest of his life.

This sad news tempted his parents to borrow money from everywhere in the hope of getting him a normal life, but all just did not work out.

A few years after being diagnosed with the drawf symptoms, he was diagnosed with brittle-bone disease too. Now he not only had to bear a kid appearance but also had difficulties in daily activities. To Li, broken bones and pain are something he gets used to.

Disease is a pain that haunted Li Shuangli in his childhood. He got booed and bullied at school, so he was deep in depression and solitary. After completing his secondary program, he decided to stop going to school and start working. Despite his parents’ fierce disagreement, Li persuaded them and got supported by his beloved family members. He started his first business with an internet cafe.

The first business was not successful. Nevertheless, he throve up with the second. In 2006, he became one of a few Chinese people who studied and did e-commerce in China. As one of the pioneers, his business turned out so fruitful. It only took a few year for him to become a successful and famous entrepreneur in Guangdong. He has a networth of up to 300 million yuan (~50 million USD).

Li Shuangli then became the idol of millions who got inspired by him to step up and change their lives.

10 years ago, Li Shuangli stirred media’s attention as he got married to a beautiful wife who is 1.7 meters tall, making an odd height difference couple. His wife, also named Li, was a secretary in his friend’s company.

What makes the love story even more fascinating is the fact that their love developed since Li Shuangli had not became successful. Mrs. Li shared that she admired her husband’s talent and intelligence. Though he was disabled, his mind is sharp. After officially becoming partners, she became his secretary and contributed to his success.

After the fairytale marriage, Li Shuangli honestly shared that he feared the risk of genetics he might passed to his kids. Fortunately, his first son is a healthy child.

Over the past few years, Li Shuangli has been praised for his avid activities in social programs. He has built over 100 primary schools for poor children across China and keeps doing so in the future.

Li Shuangli lives a private and humble life. He rarely appeared on media and only does so to promote his charitable projects.

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