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Here Is What Doctors Usually Hide Pregnant Women About The MRI Scans Of Their Unborn Babies

Recently, a doctor took to his Tiktok handle to explain the reason, but it sounds quite c.r.e.e.p.y, why pregnant moms are unlikely to see the MRI scan picture of their unborn baby.

The explanation

The male doctor whose Tiktok account is @madmedicine uses the video-sharing platform to share the lesser-known medical facts with his fans. He admitted that he doesn’t feel comfortable when showing the expecting moms the pictures of their baby in the bump.

The doctor shows the scan of the unborn baby

In the short video, he screens several MRI scans of different babies, which his viewers said they looked like m.o.n.s.t.e.r.s, z.o.m.b.i.e.s or even the iconic comedian Mr Bean.

The scan shows the s.k.u.l.l.s of the infants with visible brains but it appears like the babies don’t have eyelids.

The doctor said,

“I don’t know how I would explain this to an expecting mother, like hey this is the thing growing inside of you. This is pretty cr*epy!”

He also believes that no mother wants to see her child look like this.

The reactions of netizens

No prize for guessing, within a short span of time, the video went viral and made a strong yet s.c.a.r.y impression on the viewers.

The video quickly went viral

The video got more than 2 million views with thousands of Tiktok users across the world debating over which creatures the babies look like the most.

However, the doctor also came under fire as many doubted the real purpose behind this video. Why he had to do so when he can keep it secret. Among millions of Tiktok users who already watched his video, how many of them are pregnant women.

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