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Heir to grandmother’s great fortune, girl totally changes attitude and receives bitter pills to swallow by court’s decision

3 years ago, a grandmother named Luying, living in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China decided to give all of her personal properties to her granddaughter Li.

Reported that her properties included the compensation money from 3 blocks that were pulled down by the authorities. Her husband and son both passed away early and her daughter refused her compensation money.

For that reason, Luying decided to assign all of her properties to her daughter.

Furthermore, the grandma gave an condition that the granddaughter had to prepare an apartment for her accommodation and have to be responsible for taking care of her till she passed away.

Luying couldn’t expect that after being named the heir to all the properties, the granddaughter totally change her attitude toward her grandmother. Not only did she not take care of her grandmother but she also refused to visit her for a long period of time.

The grandmother lived alone in an empty house. She knew that an old person couldn’t care for herself, so in early 2020, she decided to move to a nursery to make friends and be taken care of. Because Luying’s pension couldn’t cover the expense in the nursery, she rented the house to make up for it.

What no one expected was that the granddaughter, after being aware of that, was fumed at it and announced that her grandmother was allowed to live in the house but not rent it to anyone else.

Li reckoned that she was the real owner of the house, so her grandmother’s renting it to another was illegal. Therefore, she took both her grandmother and the tenant to the court to terminate the contract. Aside from that, she asked the tenant to pay all the rent for her and leave immediately.

The court judged that the house was under the granddaughter’s name; however, the rights to using it were under her grandmother’s, so her grandmother could live or rent it. On the other hand, the court considered the granddaughter did not fulfill her responsibility of taking care of her grandmother, neglecting the core values of a family and society, so they turned down her file.

The judge’s decision was not persuasive to her, so she sued once again and was refused once more.

Witnessing her granddaughter’s misbehavior, Luying, after days of rumination, decided to submit her file to ask for taking back her ownership of the properties.

With sufficient evidence of the granddaughter abandoning her grandmother in the documents despite her responsibility to care for her grandmother after inheriting the properties, the court decided grandmother Luying was restored her ownership.

The decision cast joy across the social media as many thought the girl deserved it.

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