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Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero’s honeymoon: All set of the fashionista’s outfit and accessories which cost P9 million

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero are having a good private time together in Balesin where they treat like a honeymoon ahead of the husband’s birthday. Things all seem so low-key, from their close-mouthed celebration and private villa they share, till we look into her outfit which is nothing like low-key. Chiz’s wife puts on her blue Hermes swimsuit that is adorned with Cartier jewelry, which are believed to be worth nearly P9 million.

It’s not all. The fashionista adds to her beauty a diamond pendant necklace, a couple of anklets, an eyelet button-down, and a printed sarong. Each of these items are everyone’s dream, but to Heart Evangelista, they can be mixed so beautifully in one combo.

Let’s unveil all of the items’ prices down below:

1. Cartier Necklace

The Panthere de Cartier costs a whopping €9,950 (~P585,000).

2. Stack of gold Love bracelets

Heart Evangelista brings along her Love bracelets from Cartier. In one of her vlogs, she shared that she keeps these close by her side because she’s too used to having them on her wrists. These are a stack of 6 bracelets made in gold with diamonds ornated on part of the surface. The total cost for this stack is almost P7 million.

To be specific, check the full list down below:

  • Diamond-Pavéd in Yellow Gold, Diamonds $44,500 (~P2.3 million)
  • Pavé in Yellow Gold, Diamonds $27,400, (~P1.4 million)
  • Diamond-Paved, Ceramic in White Gold, Ceramic Diamonds $43,300 (~P2.2 million)
  • Diamonds $14,600, (~P750,000)
  • Small Model in White Gold $7,400 (~P375,000)

3. Cartier Gold timepiece

The watch alone costs $21,700 (Over 1 million pesos).

4. The Luis Vuitton Sunglasses

The tortoiseshell pattern adds luxury to the fashionista’s sunglasses. The Sunglasses is worth $825 (~ P42,000).

5. Hermes Bikini

Heart has long been known as a lover of Hermes. So the swimsuit she wears is very likely to be from the brand too. If that is true, her swimsuit is probably one of the most recently released products which is priced at about P24,000.

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