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Groom Runs Away From The Wedding, A Guest Volunteers To Marry The Bride

As the groom ran away with his mistress before the wedding, the bride had to pick up a single man in the guest list to be an alternative groom.

The wedding must be one of the happiest days in life but to Sindhu, a young Indian girl, it turned out to be an embarrassing experience as her groom Naveen fled away right before the ceremony. While we are no stranger to run-away the bride and groom, the unexpected part of the story is that Sindhu was able to find another groom from the guest list to save her wedding.

Sindhu’s husband-to-be escape from the wedding just an hour before the ceremony which left the family in s.h.o.c.k.e.d

Sindhu and Naveen are a young couple living in Karnataka, India. The pair who got to know each other via family arrangement held their pre-wedding ritual on Saturday while the nuptials were carried out the next day. However, right on the morning of the wedding, Naveen was said to flee away to meet his girlfriend in another state. This hit Sindhu and her family like a thunderbolt as she has no idea how to deal with the wedding which is just 1 hour ahead.

A guest stood up to be the alternative groom so that the wedding won’t be canceled

As a wedding is a very important event and canceling it might ruin the family’s reputation, they came up with an odd idea: to find an alternative groom from the groom’s family guest list.

A suitable man was picked up by Sindhu’s family. His name is Chandrappa and is working as a BMTC conductor. He also took part in the pre-wedding event. After considering the situation, the man agreed to go along with the bride’s request and stand up as the groom at the wedding.

Sometimes, the incident is not a sign of bad luck. At least, Sindha was able to get rid of the cheating man and an unhappy marriage. Who knows if it’s fate for her to meet the right person.

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