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Gerald Anderson presents girlfriend Julia Barretto with a gold and steel Rolex Watch

Julia Barretto got a sweet and valuable gift from her boyfriend for Christmas. Could you imagine it’s a Rolex watch!

Gerald Anderson shared a good time at Christmas with Julia’s family as he celebrated the holiday at Julia’s house.

Thanks to this occasion, the Kapamilya actor had a chance to show his sweetness and generosity. He presented Julia a Rolex watch, which was revealed by Julia’s mom, Mrs. Marjorie Barretto in a Youtube vlog published on January 9, 2022.

In the video, Julia was heard saying, “This is my first Rolex,” after unboxing it.

Also in the same vlog, Gerald narrated the moment when Julia called him while he’s busy picking a Christmas gift for her.

The actor said, “I bought that and then she called … I said, ‘Wait, I’m just signing something!”

It was not disclosed which model the Rolex is. However, Julia’s sister described it to be made of gold and steel.

For that information, let’s have a guess. It might be a classic Rolex Lady Datejust which is made of gold and steel. If that is correct. Gerald might have paid PHP489,500 for the Christmas gift.

Gerald gave everyone present at the party a gift too. The smallest child of the family Erich was presented a big-size Hello Kitty.

It goes without saying that Gerald and Julia had an unforgettable holiday season. After Christmas night, the two shared about their romantic trip by the sea. The couple took Zambales as their destination to go on a cruise as both posted photos of their togetherness on a yacht.

From seeing the photos, you can tell who’s the better photographer, right?

This was not the first time they’re together for a date at sea. The two visited Zambales for fishing and sailing in April while they also took another boating trip in July 2021.

Photos: Instagram | @juliabarretto and @andersongeraldjr and Marjorie Barretto on Youtube.

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