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Forget Expensive Toner Or Skin Mark As Rice Water Can Now Replace Them, Here Are The Great Benefits & The Secret Recipe

While the world is gushing over skincare products like lotions and creams sold in a bottle, the zero-fee beauty ingredient that we can easily find in every Asian household’s kitchen is all you need for glowing skin. Yes, we are talking rice water which contains only water where rice is left to boil or soak.

Great benefits of rice water

How can you make rice water?

  • soak a cup of raw rice in water and just leave it for around thirty minutes. Strain off the rice and put the water into a bottle.
  • If you are familiar with boiling rice for everyday use in a cooker, then double the amount of cooking water that you usually use. Timing is very important, wait until it’s half cooked and strain out the rice water into a different bottle.
6 steps of making rice water

Storage: Remember that rice water is highly recommended to be stored in a bottle, vessel or jar at room temperature in a place dry enough. You can use it immediately but after five days it should be thrown away.

How often can you use rice water?

Now, you can save a lot of money on buying expensive toner from the high-end brands as rice water can totally replace it. You can use it twice per day.

It can be used as a toner

Not just it can become a face toner, rice water also turns out to be a skin mask and it is recommended to be used once per day.

You can use it as a shampoo every day as well. Just try it and see how your hair will change.


Rice water can soothe many skin conditions in extremely sensitive skins like pimples and acne.  It may raise a few eyebrows but it does protect your skin from the sun.

Now, it’s your time!

The third benefit is that it can be an anti-ageing solution.

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