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Fitness coach recommends 30-minute 7-exercise workout to keep you in shape, losing weight, and build muscle at home

Keeping yourself in shape when the body is aging is challenging. Especially after age 50, hormonal changes would be an obstacle that challenges our metabolism and bodies the way they work and store fat. However, the good news is that combating this tendency is not impossible, in the opinion of Kate Rowe, a menopause fitness coach.

It all starts with a routine Rowe-Ham has delineated for older people. No gym or high-tech equipment is required but following her advice get your muscles stunning.

Rowe-Ham believes getting fit after 50 shouldn’t be considered as losing weight but it is important that we change the way we approach healthy lifestyles like daily diet, activities, and exercises.

To be specific, we need more training that targets at strengthen the body by taking advantage of routine movement patterns.

Rowe-Ham adds that this workout targets 6 patterns of movement which are essential when we get older: Twist, Pull, Push, Lunge, Squat, and Hinge. The recommended workout consists of 7 exercises that strategically target these fundamentals and it takes only 30 minutes of your everyday life.

7 exercises for the over-50 to keep fit

First, you should put in mind that each exercise should only take 45 seconds and 15 seconds for resting between 2 rounds. The first round should be down with your bodyweight only. However, if you want more, you can use dumbbells for the second round.
Follow the moves down below for your workout:

1. Hip Hinge

2. Squat

3. Alternating reverse lunge

4. Knees-on-the-floor push-ups

5. Bent over row

6. Russian twist

7. Loaded carry

As recommended, Rowe-Ham picked some weights to up her second-round challenge because she felt that she could handle it. However, it’s not a must and if you find the first rounds are challenging enough, you can just carry on without any more weights.

Or if you are confident to add more but there are no weights by your side, alternatives are easy to find. Just grab some canned food or bottles will do. Don’t worry!

Hope you get the best of this workout! Stay healthy, stay fit!

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