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Fans Cannot Recognize Angelina Jolie When She Turned Into A Male In ‘Salt’

Angelina Jolie is one of the greatest beauty symbols in Hollywood. She is one of the most famous actresses for her excellent talent and charming beauty. But not many people can recognize her in the role of a male character thanks to great makeup. But the beautiful actress also had to hide her beauty under the makeup layer.

Angelina Jolie Sacrificed Played A Male Character

Angelina Jolie always takes new challenges in new characters and roles. She is famous for her sublime feminine beauty. That’s why a lot of fans and audiences cannot recognize the actress in the action movie titled ‘Salt’ in which she turned into a male character.

Angelina Jolie is a beautiful actress.

Released in 2010, Salt is one of the most successful movies in Angelina Jolie’s acting career. In this movie, the beautiful actress born in 1975 played the role of Evelyn Salt – an experienced senior CIA agent. One day, she is accused of being a Russian double agent. Evelyn Salt has to run away, save her husband, and find a way to take her reputation back.

She needed to turn into a man in a part of the movie Salt.

In this movie, Angelina’s character needs to change her appearance constantly to deceive the enemy. In particular, she also transformed into a man to break into the White House.

Instead of using effect, the film crew used makeup skills to turn her into a man. They used prosthetics to change the facial structure of the actress. Then, a thick layer of makeup hides the natural beauty of Angelina Jolie.

She had to wear a thick makeup layer.

During filming under this makeup, Angelina Jolie invited her son Maddox and ex-husband Brad Pitt to watch the scene. At first, Maddox didn’t recognize his mother under the makeup layer. She played this role perfectly to bring audiences the best movie. Obviously, her success and reputation have been built up from both beauty and talent.

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