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Everybody loves Emmanuelle Vera’s stunning body and sees her as inspiration to get fit!

Everyone loves Emmanuelle Vera and her stunning body, but not many know about the biggest pain she had to bear in the past was also because of her body. When asked about the worst feeling one ever caused her to suffer, the famous singer-turned-model took no time to recall a time when she was called “fat” back in her early teen.

This might be the reason she came back stronger with her now-admirable fitness which has been built thanks to her dedication to exercise and determination of getting fit.

Emmanuelle shared that she is a consistent practitioner of yoga, rock climbing, and strength training as well as intermittent fasting.

Emmanuelle Vera’s Instagram attracts more than 160K followers.
She often appears in hot lingerie as part of her PR contracts for brands.
We can see that she loves sea a lot. Many of her photo are taken at the beach.
Even selfies must look fine!
Yoga at the beach.
Who’s hotter?
Emmanuelle Vera is addicted to exercise!
Angel in white!
How could one resist her bed shots?
Emmanuelle Vera is one of those who could put any type of clothing on and still looks good!
Heading to an event to turn heads!
The singer-turned-model is really versatile in poses.
Aquatic girl!
She gets too obsessed with training. That’s why she is as hot as she is today.
Seems our star loves the color white!
The sea is her endless passion!
Bright smiles add to her charm!
Everyone’s affection!
The hot red beauty!
Simple outfit but bountiful attraction!
Sure you’re not used to her wearing jeans. But look!
Down the streets with all eyes on her!
Lost girl by the sea.
Now we can be pretty sure. She is one of those who breathes “sea”. Can’t imagine Emmanuelle Vera without sea.
Studio shoot!
Gentle charm in pink.
Admirable tiny belly.
Emmanuelle Vera never fails to impress.

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