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Elephant Walked 25km To See Its Human Friend For The Last Time

When a human and an animal bond, there is no boundary to their love. On multiple occasions, the creatures have the gentlest gestures similarly or even more touching than when we lose a beloved one.

On June 3, an elephant from Kerala, India walked 25 km to pay its last tribute to its dear human friend.

The elephant traveled 25km to see his human friend for the last time.

A special bond

Damodaran Nair, also known as Omancheta, passed away due to sickness in Kerala’s Kottayam district. He was a Mahout (elephant trainer) for almost 6 decades.

Damodaran and Pallattu Brahmadathan first met 25 years ago when his two sons purchased the elephant from the first owner.

The son went out and touched its trunk.

In his days working as a Mahout, Damodaran’s favorite elephant was Brahmadathan. He even touted the elephant as his kid.

The viral moment

The footage showed people at the funeral wailing as the elephant touched the man’s remains with its trunk. Later, Brahmadathan slowly stepped back and left his friend’s ceremony after Rajesh, Damodaran’s son, embraced his trunk by its tusk.

The emotional scene makes everyone wail even harder.

The heartfelt video turned viral and has collected thousands of views on Twitter. On June 3, Damodaran expressed his last wish to see his loved elephant as his condition became worse. Unfortunately, he was gone a few minutes later.

Considering the elephant as one of the family members, Rajesh brought Brahmadathan to the funeral from their house in Melampara to Lakkattoor to fulfill the final wish of his father. The distance between the two places is 25km.

Then it slowly backed away and left.

With this very story, we can all tell that they both have a unique bond and all would cry buckets if witnessing something like that with their own eyes.

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