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Elderly Couple Demolish A Whole Tin Of “Absolutely Gorgeous Pâté”, Finally Find Out It Was Food For Their Cat

Recently, a woman was howling with laughter when she discovered her parents the pâté that they said gorgeous was actually cat food.

“A lovely dinner”

Ever since the lockdown restrictions have been implemented nationwide, the 59-year-old Angela Holloway has taken on a new responsibility in which she will shop for her mom Margaret Lincoln (80) and her step-father Donald Lincoln (95). She always remembers to separate the food for their pet cat Aggy from the rest.

The couple had a “lovely” dinner with amazing food with their daughter

It also meant that the woman felt really confused when her mother told her that she and her husband had eaten “gorgeous pâté” and asked her to buy more.

Holloway narrated how her parents had talked about the special food,

“A really lovely dinner of absolutely gorgeous pâté baked bread”


The truth

The couple, who is currently residing in France, were eating with her sister. However, because all of them struggle to read and understand French labelling, none of them had noticed a cat image printed on the packaging of the tin.

It was in fact bought for their pet cat Aggy

Angela revealed that when her mom showed her the cat food tin – which they had completely finished off – she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“My mum started laughing then my sister started laughing. My sides were splitting, my mouth was hurting, I was laughing that much,” said her.

In fact, the whole family moved to France 6 years ago, in 2015 and they still find it hard and tricky when reading the labels written in French. However, Angela thought that the feline photo on the tin was way too enough for them to know it was food for the cat.

“Hooman! It’s my food, not yours”

Luckily, no one became ill when eating that tuna-based food.

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