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American woman digging through garbage for food and inspiring story behind

Anna Sacks, an internet influencer, spends hours walking around New York to dig through garbage 3-4 times per week. She has found a lot of new objects and food that are still usable.

Dig through garbage for food and justice for climate

This woman is unveiling the waste of many producers and companies in the US by exploiting giant garbage which is still new and usable. She often films her trip to show people the truth insides the garbage in this city.

Anna Sacks and her inspiring story.

Anna is a former bank staff in Upper West Side. She said this work meant a lot to her. The woman walks around with a handcart, two reusable bags, and a pair of gloves. She finds a lot of usable and new items, such as tinned food, potteries, cosmetics, old clothes, and furniture.

In a recent 2.5-million-viewed video, she found a “treasure” of candies in a trash can near a CVS retail store. Anna also sleeps on a bed sheet that was washed carefully after she took it from a trash bag. She also drinks coffee brewed from unpacked bean bags others threw away.

She found a lot of usable things

Anna not only saves money but she also wishes she can change the world through these actions. Anna sent an order letter on the website change.org in order to require US retail company CVS to “Donate, don’t throw away”. Her letter got nearly 500,000 signatures in support.

She said it’s horrible when those companies wanted to throw away those usable things instead of using them to help others. Anna also found some fresh and edible food servings and smoothies from expensive and luxury food brands in New York City.

Her story is very meaningful.

Inspiring Story

Anna said that after quitting her high-paying job in August 2016, she signed up for a Jewish farming program in Connecticut that took place in 7 months. She had a hard time when working long hours and even working all weekend without reason. Thanks to doing the farming works and learning about compost, she had a different view on food.

After returning to New York, Anna continued to attend a composting course at the Lower East Side eco-center. This woman began to work as a volunteer to rescue food. She also taught Hebrew for a living.

She wants to change the world by stop wasting

She eventually worked for Think Zero LLC, a consulting company that helps corporations cut waste. Anna also learned about modern-day littering habits while working there. To reduce the phenomenon of waste, Anna advocates putting pressure on corporations and ask them to provide their goods to those in need instead of wasting them in the garbage dumps.

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