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Derek Ramsay posted a photo taken when Ellen Adarna was sleeping with her mouth open on social networks!

It is undeniable that Ellen Adarna is one of the most beautiful and admired actresses in showbiz entertainment. Because she owns a very beautiful face, plus an extremely s.exy body.

With Ellen’s inherent beauty and s.ensuality, she really has a lot of fans. But, as a fan, have you ever asked, what does your idol look like while sleeping? What does Ellen Adarna look like when sleeping?

Perhaps if you are one of Ellen’s fans and you want to know the answer to this question, then Derek Ramsay, the husband of the actress has already provided the answer, after he shared a picture of her. His wife Ellen Adarna is sleeping.

Although it has entered the new year 2022 and although Ellen and Derek have been married for a few months, it is not over yet and nothing has changed in the way they express their feelings for each other.

If we remember, even before the couple Ellen and Derek got married, they used to share jokes or sarcasm on their social media accounts.

And right in the first month of 2022, Derek immediately had a walk with his wife Ellen.

Recently, on his Instagram account, the actor shared a video. Derek’s uploaded video shows her sleeping soundly on Elias’ mom’s sofa, she’s even covered with a blanket so it’s really obvious that she sleeps well.

While the actress was sleeping, her husband Derek thought of shooting a video of her so he could see that she was still gaping in her sleep.

Ellen was taken aback, and when she saw what her husband was doing, she just looked at him.

“Do not ki.ll me !!!!” is Derek’s caption in his upload.

It can be seen that Ellen commented here and her only response was “Why are you so obsessed with me”.



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