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Dad With D.o.w.n Syndrome Raises His Son To Be A Doctor

Despite having Down syndrome, Jad still worked at the factory for more than 20 years to support the family. He gave his son special love and raised him to be a doctor.

Previously, The Sun shared a story between a father with Down syndrome named Jad and his son, a doctor, Sader Jssa. This guy once shared about his father: “People will find it difficult to understand but the father with Down syndrome gave me the same love that other great fathers can do for their children.”

The love of a father

From childhood to adulthood, the best thing that Jssa received was the encouragement of his father. For more than 20 years, in order to support his family, Mr. Jad worked at a local factory. Although Down syndrome made it difficult for him to communicate with others, Jad gave all his love to his son.

Jad and his son Jssa who is a doctor

Whenever he mentioned Jssa, he was proud: “My son is a doctor, I have Down disease but I have done everything in my power to raise my son and support the family. Now that he has become a doctor, he can help others.”

The young man said that he was born and raised in a family full of love from his parents.

The pride of the family

This makes people wonder about the love that parents have for each other. Jssa said: “As long as two people have the same life values ​​and the same outlook on life, they can become a family. My parents are compatible in thought, they always love and care about the people around them.”

He has been working for decades to raise his son

“A lot of information about having Down syndrome is often infertile, so when hearing my story, many people find it difficult to understand,” he added.

The family’s story has been regularly shared by Jssa on Instagram. Many people come to him and his father to thank him for what Jssa shared has inspired life.

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