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Curvier Ladies Live Longer And Are Happier, According To Studies

As per a survey, 56% of women are not satisfied with their appearance. While it is sure that nobody would oppose having a flawless body, multiple pieces of research show that plus-size does have its own benefits.

People with extra weight might have a lower demise risk

The result of the studies that feature nearly 3 million people reported that those in the overweight group had a 6% lower rate of being in extremis than people with the normal weight.

Meanwhile, another research pointed out that those over 70 years old that have one or two extra kilos have lived longer than people who don’t. As per Leon Flicker, the lead researcher, the body mass index (BMI) is not useful after the age of 70.

The ample amount of fat may add more years to your life span

According to Dr. Steven Hymsfield, in particular cases, having some more weight than usual may help an individual live longer as it may provide protection against specific i.n.j.u.r.i.e.s.

 “If you fall and you fall on vulnerable bone, like the hip, having a little extra fat there might protect you from a hip fracture. And if an i.l.l.n.e.s.s leaves you unable to eat, extra body fat could be useful.”

Those overweight have a lower rate of developing depression

Also, scientists have found out that the FTO gene not only relates to obesity but also to happiness.

Moreover, those who are heavier had an 8% humbler risk of having depression.

In life, curvier women may end up happier

As per researches, the level of happiness overweight people have does climb up after 40. The reported participants had better mental quality although there was a down spike in life’s physical quality.

Also, the study said that not doing much physical exercise did not affect women’s mental well-being. However, it features an extremely adverse effect on the life quality of men.

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