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Couple discovers mysterious fetus-like potato weighing almost 8kg they never grew

The couple in Hamilton, New Zealand, accidentally harvested a giant potato and is submitting to Guinness to be the biggest potato in the world.

In August, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown was doing their garden when Colin’s hoe felt something big underground, reported by AP on November 3. The two kneeled down and dug around the spot. They discover a giant fetus-like potato.

Colin wondered if it was an abnormal fungus. After removing the dust covering it, Colin cut open small part of its skin, tasted it and realized it was a potato.

“We couldn’t believe it. It’ super big,” Donna said.

It was not even and recognizable to the eyes. Donna described it rugged and mutant-like. They brought the potato to the garage and put it on an old balance. It weighs 7,9kg, the weight of some bags of normal-size potatoes or a small dog.

The potato soon gained influencer status around their barn which is near the city of Hamilton. They named it Doug. Colin even created a small stroller to bring Doug everywhere.

“We dressed him with hats, posted photos on Facebook, led it out for walks and sunbathing. All that is for fun. It’s great to bring joy to others,” Donna said.

When weighed in a local grocery store, Doug weighs 7.8kg sharp. According to Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest potato weighs nearly 5kg, acknowledged in England in 2011. Colin and Donna submitted to Guinness and are waiting for its response.

Guinness has not commented on this.

Colin said he and his wife do not have any secret in gardening. They often dress cow’s poop and straw over the field and watch if anything happens. He used to grow cucumber where the potato was found and before the wild grass took over, but they never grew potatoes.

“It was a mystery to me,” Colin said. “One of the surprising and exciting things of nature.”

However, the preservation of the potato is not easy. After dug up, it started to dehydrate, lose weights, and have moss and smell. Therefore, Colin had to clean up the potato and put it into the freeze.

Doug is currently in the freeze and Colin would like it to be fermented for making wine.

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