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Corkscrew push-up: The unknown benefits, how to do it properly, & mistakes to avoid

How easy and simple it is to start with hardly any requirement of equipment, so when it comes to exercising, nothing can beat the popularity of push-ups. More than that, push-ups bring certain benefits to trainers such as strengthening your abs, triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles.

However simple and beneficial it might get, one thing for sure is that when you do something over and over again, it becomes tedious. Push-ups are no exceptions. But how to overcome this? Hopefully, we have an answer for you right here: Corkscrew push-ups.

According to coach Michele Greeney at Orangetherory.com, a corkscrew push-up exercise is a variation of the traditional push-up you already know. It is a more challenging exercise that targets more of your muscle on the hips, shoulders, chest, and obliques thanks to side-to-side rotations of the torso.

Credit: Niklas Ohlogge | Unsplash
Credit: Niklas Ohlogge | Unsplash

Furthermore, professional trainer Chris Pabon adds something about corkscrew push-ups that is the benefits from this exercise’s movements which work for the calves and legs too. To put it another way, corkscrew push-ups can be seen as one of the best full-body exercises. How strange!

But of course, to get the best of it, you need to learn to do it correctly and here’s how!

How to do corkscrew push-up the correct way

– First, get yourself into plank position with shoulders, wrists, and elbows stacked.

– Make corkscrew formation by carefully drawing knees in towards chest (Making bear crawl position).

– Things remain stacked without overextension in the arms, shoulders, or neck, and definitely no spine sagging. (Now you’re in proper starting position).

– Toes pivoting, rotate shoulders, respectively, to the ground. Keep doing that to work both side of body till getting back to starting position and that’s it.

Tutorial video: https://youtu.be/KhPZydhpd0I

Some mistakes to avoid

In the course of doing something correctly and perfectly, you must have made mistakes on the way. Corkscrew push-ups will be difficult for some and what’s noted below helps you dodge some mistakes that might ruin your best results.

– Not getting into correct starting position (the most important).

– Spine sagging when you pivot on toes.

– Rotating too close to ground: This might ignite injury in the rotational muscles and obliques.

– No paying attention to knee position: knee position is very important as without doing it right, low back has to take too much pressure.

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