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Common Baron Caterpillar Truly Raises The Bar For Camouflage Game

The term of camouflage was widely known in military. However, when it comes to the true master of this art form in real life, the Common Baron Caterpillar deserves to top any ranking list.

This species can position perfectly to cover itself on a mango leaf that makes us virtually impossible to spot even we already know it’s there.

Some are better than others

Naturally developing camouflage turns out to be the norm in some animals for the sake of their survival. This function makes them harder to be spotted by predators. Just like in a class, we always have A-level students who are way better than the rest.

It helps them avoid the pedators

In fact, some can mix with the natural surroundings flawlessly so that they can’t be seen or even a.t.t.a.c.k.e.d. Euthalia Aconthea (Common Baron) Caterpillar perfectly exemplifies this situation. It’s commonly found in tropical regions like Southeast Asia and India.

“Finding Nemo” game mode-on

There is no doubt that even when you are aware of the presence of a caterpillar on the mango leaf, you have to stay focus to spot it apart from the background.

The butterfly lays eggs on the leaves

The caterpillar is considered a master of playing the “Finding Nemo” game. This increase the chances of not getting caught by predators but it works until when the caterpillar reaches its butterfly phase only.

Can you spot the caterpillar on the leaf?

For those who are unversed, the nymphalid butterfly normally lays eggs on the mango leaves’ back. As it grows bigger in size, the larvae then develop a line cross its own back which resembles the colour of the leaf.

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