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Ciara Sotto on Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s VP bid: “I cried so disappointed”.

When the name of Senator Kiko Pangilinan officially became the running mate of Vice President Leni Robredo running in the May 2022 election, we immediately remembered what a family reunion would be like?

VP Leni will run for president in the upcoming national election, and Sen. Kiko will run for vice president.

Maglalaban sila ng masasabing “tiyuhin” niya, ang Senate President na si Tito Sotto.

Although not related by blood, Senator Kiko’s wife Sharon Cuneta and Senator Tito’s wife Helen Gamboa are actually each other’s aunt and “mother-child”.

We know that this situation today between the families of Senator Tito and Senator Kiko is not easy.

When we sent a private message to Ciara Sotto to ask how she reacted when Tito compared to Kiko as vice president, she did not immediately respond.

Kiara is the youngest child of Senator Tito.

According to Ciara, who spoke to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) via private message this Saturday, October 9

“I always keep quiet, ignoring negative, malicious comments and slander about my father from judgmental people, whether I know them personally or no, as if they know everything and we do.”

“I prayed if I should voice out my true emotions when asked about Kuya Kiko running against dad for VP”

“I cried because I am so hurt and disappointed.”

“It made me feel that my parents were of no value after all. Ate has always been considered and treated like a daughter by my dad and especially my mom.”

“I will continue to pray for them, and of course, for my dad and his protection, wisdom, discernment, and I praise and thank God for giving me him as my earthly father.”

On one hand, on Ciara’s Facebook account, she posted on October 8, “The best part of the worst time of your life is that you get to see people’s true colors.”



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