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Child actress Xia Vigor: Becoming the youngest hei.ress in the world – She inhe.rited 14 beautiful estates from her father in the UK

Do you remember the famous child actress Xia Vigor? Probably most of you are no more. Xiamara Sophia Vigor, better known as Xia Vigor, is an English-born Filipina and super talented kid.

Xia’s father is British and Xia’s mother is Filipina. The young actress became known for her talent and later became a TV presenter on a popular local channel.

Xia became famous when she won a segment of the then-time show “Showtime” starring Vice Ganda, “Mini-Me 2”, where she won the grand prize as a celebrity Mini-me – Hollywood Selena Gomez.

Many people admire this little girl’s talent because, in addition to her singing and acting abilities, she was really cute when she was young.

Xia is loved by many people because she is too clever and clever to answer. Especially when you can h.ear her speaking with a British accent.

Since then, Xia has had a Showtime segment called “Xia and Kuys” with her co-hosts Billy Crawford and Vhong Navarro.

In addition, Xia has also been very b.usy with ch.arity work since childhood, she is the first child am.bassador of Ha.bitat for Hu.manity and the World Wide Advocate fund to help our p.oor countrymen.

Did you know that in addition to being a famous child actress, Xia is also the h.eir to her father’s es.tate in England?

According to the news, Xia will be her father’s next h.eir and one of the he.irs of Xia and her father’s 14 beautiful es.tates in England.

Xia confirmed this in one of her interviews, and that she will soon become one of the he.irs at a very young age.

The first interviewee will remember what she wanted when she grew up, she said, she wanted to be a weightlifter like Olympic medalist Hidilyn Diaz.

She also said that she wants to be a salon girl but when she watches her favorite singers she wants to be a famous Popstar.

Even international media no.ticed Xia’s talent when winning on Showtime.

But in a b.link of an e.ye, the wind sud.denly changed for the child actress’s future, especially when she discovered she was the h.eir to her very wea.lthy father.

For now, Xia is only preoccupied with writing vlogs, due to the cr.isis of the pan.demic. Currently, Xia can be viewed on her Youtube channel, where she has new videos every day.

One of the things that make the young actress happy is being able to make people happy, that’s why when she grows up she dreams of becoming a pop star, because for her, every time watching fun, she also has a sense of happiness.



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