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Buss It Challenge: The Hottest TikTok Trend Still Remains Racy

Ever since TikTok reached the surface and became yet another favorite platform for youngsters, a lot of trends have arisen. And one of them is the Buss It Challenge. With this trend, people can show off their sharp editing abilities and jaw-dropping glow-ups on social media.

The challenge that uses rapper Erica Banks’s track “Buss It” is fun and simple to pull off. It only takes two different fits, a bit of knowledge of video editing, and twerking skills to get viral.

buss it challenge

Although the challenge has been popular quite a while ago, it still makes viewers feel things when some of them are brought up again. For those unversed, even celebrities also engaged in this trend, so it’s never too late to hop on it. What if you can make it viral again?

If we have caught your attention, below is a rundown of what you may want to know about this Buss It Challenge.

What is the Buss It Challenge?

Buss It Challenge is a viral trend emerging from TikTok. It involves users recording and merging two videos: one where they don comfy clothes and another where they doll up.

A lot of amazing transformation.

Participants will start by casually dancing along with a shortcut of Hot In Here by Nelly in regular outfits. As the song says “I think my butt gettin’ big,” they will drop down and there goes the transition to a cut of them had dressed up and twerking to Buss It song.

When did the trend start?

Erica Banks’ track was recorded in December 2019 and released in June 2020. However, it is until the Buss It Challenge reached the top that her song, too, went viral. While it is not clear when exactly the trend started, the trend did elevate her career.

Erica Banks had a breakthrough as this trend went viral.

Erica Banks is a rapper from Dallas, Texas, United States. As a child, she had many skills growing up. However, rapping and writing poetry were her true passion and still are.

Who has participated in the challenge?

The Buss It Challenge is currently one of the most popular challenges in 2021 so far. It currently owns over 500 million views and the rapper’s song has also charted on Apple Music’s Top 10 list. Which celebrity has joined this challenge you may ask? Monica, Danileigh, Rico Nasty, “Little Mix” Jade Thirlwall, and Youtuber Jackie Aina are among the famous people who have shared their challenge videos online.

Many celebs followed the trend.

Even the world-famous Nicki Minaj also applauded Erica Banks for the song, saying, “Sending love right back. U sound dope on this.”




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