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Bride asked for imaginary wedding money in front of groom’s guests, groom did one thing that embarrassed the whole bride’s family

That the groom’s family prepares wedding presents for the bride’s is a tradition in Eastern cultures that has lasted for centuries. This tradition tags along with deep meanings for the bride and groom. However, lately, some brides’ families make use of this tradition to ask for more presents from the grooms’, tickling social media’s fancy.

As reported by Sohu on November 29, a wedding. in Shaanxi Province, China was cancelled right at its core moment in front of the groom’s entrance. The reason is the bride asked for extra money as wedding presents but the groom refused for the amount was too unrealistic.

Mr Han is the victim of this story. Specifically, Mr Han and his girlfriend have been in love for some years. Both have grown up, so the two families agreed on a wedding so that they could move in and build their own family. According to local rituals, before the wedding, Han’s family brought a lot of wedding presents for the bride and her family. When the bride’s family asked for 100,000 yuan (about 16,000 USD) as a requirement for the wedding to take place, Han reluctantly agreed so that the wedding would happen as planned.

On the wedding day, Han and his family again brought many wedding presents to the bride’s family to ask for allowing their wedding. After let bringing the bride home, the groom’s family made their way home to start the ceremony. Unexpectedly, when the wedding car arrived at Han’s entrance, the bride insisted on not stepping down.

Seeing what’s happening, Han approached her and knelt down to ask her out but she just didn’t. When the groom asked for a reason, she replied that she wanted to be gifted another 100,000 yuan.

To reconcile, he took out a 10,000 envelope and gave her but the bride turned it down and clang to the number 100,000.

This is too big an amount that Han couldn’t prepare for a quick moment.

As it was, the bride waited till the wedding car came to the groom’s house so that she could ask for more money when the family members and the guests could witness the embarrassment of the groom’s family if he did not give her the money.

This situation made Han both confused and upset but he didn’t know how to what to do but show the face of the wilderness. Meanwhile, the groom’s father as hearing of the money the bride asked for fainted at once. Fortunately, others helped him drink a stroke medicine to gain his consciousness.

Knowing that he could not afford 100,000 yuan and the bride would not get out of the car, Han did something astounding. He slammed the door and told the chauffeur, “Bring her back. I’m not getting married”, and left the bride there, going home alone. Surprisingly, this was applauded by people around.

Han did not just threaten but he really cancelled the wedding. He stepped onto the wedding hall to explain and apologize the attendants and went home.

The story spread widely in China. Most support Han and criticize the bride, saying she’s too greedy and materialistic. At the end, she just couldn’t have her money but also charcoaled the face of her family.

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