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Bobet Vidanes finally revealed why he left It’s Showtime

It’s Showtime viewers were used to seeing Bobet Vidanes in front of the camera when he was still the director of ABS-CBN’s noontime.

This happened again when he moved on to be the creative producer of Lunch Out Loud, TV5’s noontime show, the show’s partner he was on.

Yesterday, October 11, was Bobet’s 56th birthday so the LOL team called him up on stage to say hello and send him a happy birthday message.

LOL is a variety show but it became a real-life drama yesterday because of Bobet’s unexpected crying.

He first talked about leaving It’s Showtime and moving to TV5 and Brightlight Productions’ noontime program.

His health was one of the reasons given by Vidanes to leave It’s Showtime. His work is no longer healthy.

“One of the main reasons I was looking for another life, this is true, I chose health.”

“Because, my job, on the other hand, is not healthy anymore. ”

“The show was great, but it’s not healthy anymore.

“In short, I’m here at Lunch Out Loud or whatever, there’s no pressure. I’m happy now,” confessed Bobet like a child.

The former executive of It’s Showtime denied back then that money was the reason he left.

“It’s not the money you’re talking about,” says Bobet. It’s about help.

“I hope you understand. I hope we close there, that’s my health. It’s not healthy anymore.

“But I love that company so much. I love that show so much.”

Bobet did not detail why he said his previous work on It’s Showtime is no longer healthy.

Bobet’s voice started to choke first and he ended up bursting into tears as he recounted how many people asked to be interviewed about leaving It’s Showtime, but he didn’t.

“There’s a reason. There’s a reason, you may not understand.” He said




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