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Blue Ivy Reaches $500M Net Worth As The Richest Kid In USA, 25 Times Higher Than Bill Gates Daughter’s

The 9-year-old singer who is also the second youngest person to get a Grammy is officially the richest kid in America with a whopping net worth of $500 million. This is far from any kid of billionaire entrepreneurs in this country.

Blue Ivy Carter is the richest kid in America with $500M net worth

The young singer is rich, no doubt, but the fact that she is currently the richest kid in the USA does take many people by surprise. In fact, Blue Ivy Carter was born to billionaires, so her net worth is definitely huge even at an early age.

With her two powerful parents, Blue Ivy could become a new force in the world’s music industry.

According to latest reports, the net worth of Blue Ivy has reached $500 million thanks to her popularity as being the first child of Jay Z and Beyonce. She could earn a lot of money on her own via commercials or music. Earlier this year, Blue Ivy brought home her very first Grammy awards when performing the song “Brown Skin Girl” with her famous mother.

However, that’s not the main way Blue Ivy accumulates her enormous net worth at the age of 9. As a musician and a talented businessman, her father Jay Z knows how to increase Blue Ivy’s properties by expanding the investment of his billion-dollar family empire.

One should note that there is a huge difference between net worth and net income. The net worth refers to the sum of assets you own minus liabilities while the net income indicates the amount you could earn in a period of time.

Blue Ivy Carter in the Brown Skin Girl MV

Born as the first child of two billionaires, Blue Ivy actually inherited a giant net worth without doing nothing yet. Having said that, it’s her hard work that contributes to boost her fame and grow her assets later.

Blue Ivy’s net worth is 25 times higher than Bill Gates’ daughter’s

In the list of American richest kids, there are many other famous children of billionaires as well. Jennifer Katherine Gates who is the first child of Bill and Melinda Gates also owns an impressive net worth at the age of 25. Her net worth is estimated at $20 million in 2021.

Bill Gates announced that he wouldn’t leave his net worth to the three children, including Jennifer.

It is understandable why Blue Ivy’s net worth is 25 times higher than Jennifer Katherin Gates’. Blue Ivy inherits an immense sum of money from her parents while Gates family doesn’t have the tradition of leaving a fortune for their children.

This net worth of Jennifer Katherine did come partly from her privilege of being Bill Gates’ daughter, but is mostly built from her own endeavors as well.

Other than Blue Ivy and Jennifer Katherine Gates, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also ranks in the list of richest kids in the USA. North West has a net worth of $10 million in 2021 mainly thanks to her commercial contracts.

Kanye West’s daughter is also one of the top richest kids in America now.

The 7-year-old is very active in promoting beauty and fashion products like her mother and is expected to soon become a billionaire in the future.

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