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Blackpink vs BTS: Which K-pop Group Is Hotter In 2021?

Blackpink and BTS are the two most popular Kpop groups in South Korea and all over the world. Who is hotter on the internet this June? Let’s find out the answer here.

Blackpink vs BTS: Who Is Hotter In June 2021?

The girl group from the YG family is hotter on YouTube and Instagram. However, BTS is more famous on Tiktok.

Blackpink in your area

All member of Blackpink has insane numbers of followers on Instagram up to now. For example, Lisa has over 53.6 million followers, Rose has more than 41.6 million fans, Jenny’s follower number is 46.2 million, and Jisoo has over 41.5 million followers. Moreover, fans of these four beautiful girls are very active on this social media platform.

BTS has more fans on Tiktok

In addition, four talented girls from YG Entertainment are also among the most followed Kpop idols on YouTube. Their channel titled Blackpink has over 61.9 million subscribers. It’s pretty higher than the subscriber count of BTS (51.1 million). These insane numbers are high enough to prove their popularity in their country and over the world.

Blackpink is very famous in the world.

Although Blackpink is more popular than BTS on video-sharing and photo-sharing platforms, they still get fewer followers on Tiktok. Tiktok is undeniably one of the most popular social media platforms now. With over 35 million followers, BTS became one of the hottest idols on this platform.

BTS is also an international idol

Seven boys from BTS have only 43 videos on Tiktok but they got over 600 million likes. Meanwhile, four beautiful girls from YG have 23 million fans and 181 million likes for a total of 79 videos.

Blackpink is coming back with a new album in Japanese.

Both BTS and Blackpink are international Kpop idols. Their influences and popularity are also increasing every hour. Therefore, they often make storms on the internet every time they release a new music product. Blackpink is also coming back with an album in Japanese. The new song ‘Butter’ of BTS has got top #1 in the Billboard chart last week.

BTS’s ‘Butter’ has got top #1 in the Billboard chart



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